Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Finished With Baseball! (For This Season!)

Jackson's first year of playing Dixie Youth baseball is through and the A's had a great year! Jackson really progressed with his skills, and he ended up making 4 homeruns this season! He started off as shortstop and ended the season as third baseman. Ever since baseball has ended, all Jackson wants to watch on TV is ESPN with his Daddy, so it looks like he's caught the sports bug big time. Jackson's league had their closing ceremony last Tuesday night and Jackson got his first baseball trophy. After the ceremony was over, Jackson wanted to run the bases "just one more time" before we left the field. He's really looking forward to fall ball later this year, and this mama is looking forward to watching her big boy take the field again. Baseball, it seems, will be in my future for a long time!

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Wow..sounds like he will be ready for the big leagues before you know it. : )

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