Monday, June 24, 2013

Such A Good Weekend!

So I've had a very busy few weeks at work, and I desperately needed some fun family time this weekend. I surprised Jackson Friday night with a trip to go see Monsters University and we had such a good time. The movie was hilarious, and we had a blast! Saturday morning Jeremy and I told Jackson that we were going on a trip, but we wouldn't tell him where we were going. We started our trip off with breakfast at our brand new Jack's restaurant, and then hit the road. We gave Jackson hints on our trip and he finally (with a lot of help) figured out that he was going to Desoto Caverns in Childersburg, AL. He's never been to anything like this, and he was super excited. We toured the caverns as soon as we arrived and Jackson loved it for about the first 40 minutes of the 1 hour tour. Then he told me that he needed to potty. Needless to say, he had to hold it for the next 20 minutes which I think dampened his enthusiasm for the tour a little bit! It didn't help his potty needs that water kept dripping on us from the cavern roof, which only reminded him how much he needed to potty! After our tour (and a quick trip to the bathroom!) we checked out the attractions and did tons of stuff like panning for gemstones, cannon ball wars, go carts, mazes and toilet racers. Jackson now has 3 small baggies of gemstones, including fool's gold, and he thinks he's rich! We had a junk food lunch of nachos, coke and pizza, and then let the boys check out the pirate ship playground. It was a great family day, and we had a blast. Enjoy the pictures!

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Kay said...

I am so happy that you had a great weekend! You deserve to have a little breather from life and kick back and have some fun! Loved the pics! : )

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