Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Tooth Fairy Finally Came To Visit!!

Jackson lost his very first tooth last night! He told us after Vacation Bible School that his tooth was hurting, and when I looked at it, the tooth was super wiggly. Jackson was so excited about it, that he almost had Jeremy tie a string to it, but he chickened out. Instead, after brushing his teeth he kept playing with it and out it came! 

Jackson put the tooth in his tooth pillow and the Tooth Fairy brought him $10!! This was because it's taken him forever to lose a tooth, so just for this first one, he got a little extra! 

Jackson is thrilled with his new smile, and this Mama is tickled with his sweet snaggle tooth grin!

2 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Be prepared for him to ssk how come he did not get the same amount with the neft tooth ot teeth he loses. LOL We paid the same for the first tooth. We blamed the tooth fairy as to why they only got about $3.00 for the rest of their teeth. Our youngest has about 5 more teeth to go. The best thing is when they pull their own teeth and do not tell you. You become very creative with reasons the tooth fairy forgot to come. Roxanne

Kay said...

Woo hoo! Yep, need to be letting him in on the tooth fairy's rates so he doesn't feel jipped when he loses another one. lol Good for him pulling it himself. My girl hated pulling her own teeth. I was so glad when that era was finally over.

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