Monday, November 11, 2013

Best Saturday Ever!

Jeremy was off all day Saturday which is a very rare event around our house. We had my Mom and Dad watch the boys Friday night and we tackled unearthing the playroom and the boys bedroom. We got everything cleaned up nicely, and we were able to enjoy going out for breakfast early Saturday morning before heading over to pick up the boys. 

When we got to my parents house, we took the boys down to the park and let them ride their bikes, play on the playground and throw a football around. Such a fun way to spend a gorgeous day outside! When we got back to their house, Jeremy and I raked up a huge pile of leaves in the front yard and let the boys take turns jumping in. They had so much fun, and their laughter was so contagious! 

We got back to our house for lunch and naps, and when Anderson woke up, I took the boys to help me pick pecans so Jeremy could have some uninterrupted football time. We weren’t very successful in our pecan venture, but we had a good time playing outside. We went back home for supper and more football and the boys wrestled in the living room floor for ever. Pretty much the best, most relaxing Saturday in a long time, and I absolutely loved every second!

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Looks like the most perfect weekend ever. I love it for you! : )

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