Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tales From The Mom Side

·         I found a sippy cup of congealed milk yesterday.  I gagged profusely emptying it out, and would have much rather found the cup in a state of solid milk than the sloshy substance that I unearthed. It looked like milk jello. I should have just thrown the cup away, but I hate to waste a $5 cup.
·         No one in the house, from the kids, to the husband, to the dog, need me until the moment the bathroom door shuts. 

·         I have a laundry pile that could rival Mt. Everest in my bed room right. If you need clean clothes, I have them buried somewhere in the laundry basket. If you need something folded, you are out of luck right now my friend.

·         I had cheese puffs for supper last night. Cheese is dairy, so at least I covered a basic food group.

·         Jeremy was out of town last night, so I let Jackson and Anderson sleep in my room with me. Big mistake. Big huge mistake. (Done in my best Pretty Woman voice). Jackson slept sideways in the middle of the bed, Anderson slept next to him having very active dreams all night, and I hugged an edge. I’m whooped. 

·         Today marks 1 month at my new job. Best decision ever!

Any tales you want to share?

2 random thoughts:

Esther said...

I had doritos for dinner. We both covered the dairy food group last night. :-)

Kay said...

Discovered several gloop filled sippy cups in my day as well...and it always grossed me out. And I always kept the cup too, after running it through an extra long dishwasher cycle. Cuz those Playtex cups are expensive. I have never been able to sleep with my girl until more recently. And I think the only reason it went ok then was because she was drugged out of her mind from having her wisdom teeth out. Ha. Have yet to try it 'sober'. The other day I was in the bathroom and the cat started carrying on and putting her paw under the door. Really?! So the lesson never ends. LOL I'm so happy you love your job! : )

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