Monday, July 28, 2014

Swim Lesson Success (For One Kid)

The boys are in swim lessons right now, and Jackson is doing great. Anderson however, has decided that he isn't keen on swim lessons this year. He did fine the first and second night, and then decided he had had enough of the lessons. I'm not pushing him because we do have access to my parents pool, and he swims just fine over there. I think he just doesn't care at all for his teacher. She kinda accidentally started to let him face plant into the water when she took off his life jacket, (she was holding him) and there has been no fireworks between the two of them ever since. Jackson is swimming like a fish, so much so, that he wants to do swim team next year. His strokes have improved so much in the course of a year, and this former lifeguard and competitive swimmer would love nothing more than for him to give it a try. Here are some pics and videos. Enjoy! 

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