Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We have a biter: Part 2

I was so anxious when I pulled up to Jackson's school yesterday afternoon. When I got to his classroom, I asked how his day was. I was told that he bit, not one...but TWO kids yesterday. He was also bitten by another kid (the boy he bit on Monday).

Hmm..What do I do? I literally wanted to throw up when his teacher told me that my precious child was acting up. I'm not stupid. I know Jackson is going to misbehave, but how do I fix this problem? Ugh...I know that Jackson is not the first biter in this center, and I am certain that he won't be the last.

That being said, I still feel almost like a pariah. Like everyone is staring at me thinking, "There's the Biter's Mom." Here is what is going through my mind:
  1. What is going on different in the morning that he is biting with his morning teacher and not his afternoon teacher?
  2. What is happening when he is biting? Is he randomly walking up to the other kids and just chomping down for now reason, or is another child trying to steal his toys?
  3. Please, oh please, don't kick him out of school. I really like this center, and I really don't want to have to find somewhere else for him to go.
  4. How can I make him stop? He was so good last night, and as stupid as it sounds, I almost wish that he would have tried to bite one of us last night, just so we could reinforce that biting is a big No-No.

The school has instructions to call me immediately if he bites today. Great. This was my brilliant idea. So now I am going to sit here on pins and needles all day waiting for the phone to ring and then what??? It's not like I can have them put Jackson on the phone and me fuss at him that way. At least I can find out the situation as soon as it happens and I won't have to dread walking into his classroom only to find out that he has chomped his way through the day.

This parenting thing is so much harder than it looks from the outside....

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