Monday, March 10, 2008

Joys of Parenting

Let me share with you what my sweet son Jackson did on Saturday. We had a busy morning with a Easter bunny photo shoot, and then Jeremy and I were going to head to a local car dealer and test drive an Uplander. Mom was set to watch Jackson, but we had a little time to kill, so we stopped by Chick-Fil-A for some lunch. This is THE place to be on Saturday if you have a child. The food is good, the kid meals are tasty, and they have a great indoor playground. It is always packed.

So picture this: Saturday at 12:45 in the afternoon. Chick-Fil-A is crawling with kids and parents. One of those days where you have to pounce if you see an empty table. After Jackson had finished his lunch I decided to be a cool mom and treat him to some dessert. If you turn in the cheap toy they give you, you can get a free kids cone. I got the kids cone, and a regular cone for Jeremy. Jackson has never really had an ice cream cone, so he was busy sticking his nose into every time he tried to get a bite. It was so cute, and he was a mess. When he got through, there was still a little ice cream left, and seriously, I was not going to let it go to waste. I put Jackson in the booth (he was ready to go by this time), and I proceeded to try to eat a few bites.

Between the messy cone, and Jackson crawling off and on my lap, I was rather distracted. This may be why I didn’t immediately realize that Jackson had stuck his hand so far down my shirt that my entire left boob was hanging out of my v-neck sweater. In plain view of everyone walking in the door. I was so shocked, that I immediately spit out on to the table the bite of the ice cream cone that I had just eaten. There I was, ice cream dripping off my chin, boob exposed (thank goodness I wasn’t wearing a lace bra), and Jeremy sitting there not saying a word. All I could do was laugh! The worst part: I have no idea how long I was sitting there like that. Jeremy obviously wasn’t paying me much attention. He was enjoying his ice cream cone.

So with that... to all the parents at the Prattville Chick-Fil-A on Saturday. I’m sorry. I really didn’t know that I was showing all my business to you (and/or kids, in-laws, neighbors, church youth group, and random college students that seriously needed a shower). I promise that I will do my best to never let it happen again. It will be a long time before Jackson will be getting another ice cream cone.

This kid is tuckered out

We could even make the "transfer" for a picture without him waking up!

Talking on the phone

He wears his hats pulled so low that he can't even see. He insists that it be this way. Too funny!

He has to lift his head up all the way to see anything when he has his hat on!

That's all for today. I hope you have a wonderful week. Bye Ya'll!!

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cltgrace said...

Now that is one cutie kid. I love chic Fila -

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Anonymous said...

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MCC said...

My Mom told me I'd lose all modesty after I had kids. I haven't lost it all, but most!

Anonymous said...

At least it was holstered... could have been worse! Laughed out loud as I read the story!

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