Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chief Little Bigfoot

Meet the newest member of the Gibson family!!! Kellyn and Jason got their first dog together, a Bassett hound puppy, Chief Little Bigfoot, or Chief for short. Isn't he a cutie!!! He is so tiny right now, but Kellyn is doing her best to fatten him up. He is such a sweet dog, that Macy didn't even mind him that much. That's saying alot!

Check out those ears!
Isn't he cute!
Macy and Chief meeting for the first time.

Macy was probably just relieved that he wasn't staying with us like Jackson has!

1 random thoughts:

Jenna said...

So cute! I have beagles (similar to bassets) and the puppies are the cutest (though we didn't get either of ours until they were full grown... but if you check out my website you'll see we have puppies now (for a few more days).

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