Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Such a Dork!!!

I have been listening to the Rick and Bubba Show for almost 10 years now. I found them when I was in college, and although I wasn’t a faithful member of the Rick and Bubba Army until I lived in Birmingham, I have been hooked for years now. I'm slightly obsessed with them!

They were doing a book signing yesterday at Books A Million and I was determined that I was going to be there. I took a change of clothes to work, and as soon as my clock said 4:30, I was out the door and headed to the bookstore. I had a friend from work, Jamie, agree to go stand in line with me, cause she’s just nice like that. When we finally got in line, another one of my coworkers, Doug, just happened to be standing right in front of us. We had a great time just talking while we waited.

It was so worth the wait!

Not only did I get to meet Rick and Bubba (aka the 2 sexiest fat men alive), I got my book signed, my picture taken with them and Speedy, my picture made the Rick and Bubba website, and I even got 2 free passes to WhiteWater in Atlanta!! Not bad for a 2 hour wait!
Jamie and me in line!
"Don Juan" Demarco Williams
Bill "Bubba" Bussey
Rick Burgess

Me getting up to the front of the line!!!

Rick and Bubba, and Me!!!!

I love me some Rick and Bubba!!!

3 random thoughts:

Mom said...

Well okay Amy, I will bite. I saw the pictures on the Rick & Bubba website and ... remember I am the person that once said, "Well, the next thing you are going to tell me is that Luke Skywalker is Darth Vadar's son" ... and the response was ... duh ... and I responded (absolutely stunned), "Are you kidding me?" I AM NOT A STAR WAR FAN!!! Here I go again ... who is "Speedy" -- not Gonzalous, I'm sure." TAG, YOU'RE IT!! Amy, you are not the dork, I am.

Mom said...

Hey, by the way, that's a GREAT picture of you with Rick and Bubba. Why don't you send it to them and ask them to sign it.
Just a thought!

Wade's World said...

Calvin "Speedracer" (aka Speedy)Wilborn is the producer of the Rick and Bubba Show.

"Don Juan" Demarco Williams is their assistant producer.

And for the record, I don't think you are dorky at all.

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