Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jackson and his pink "dat"

We have tried to get rid of Jackson's pacifier (aka "dat) for over a year now, and have had little success. We have worked our way through about 5 dats now, and as one is lost instead of just trying to quit cold turkey we end up giving in to "I need dat" to the point that Jeremy is sent on a mad dash trip to Walmart for more dats.

On his last trip about 2 weeks ago he came home with the only 2 pack of Nuk pacifiers left in the store.

They came in pink and orange.

Now I am all for some level of gender equality, but I am just not too keen on the thought of my toddler son walking around with a pink dat in his mouth. Call me sexist, but I just don't think it looks right.

On Sunday morning Jackson was left to his own devices for about 5 minutes while Jeremy and I finished getting ready for church. When we were about 2 minutes from walking out the door to head to church I realized that dat was nowhere to be found. I can't begin to describe the level of stress as we began to frantically flip couch cushions and look under pillows for dat. I even got
down on Jackson's level and began pleading with him to show me where dat was. Our conversation sounded something like this:

Me: "Jackson, where's dat?"
Jackson: (shrugging shoulders up) "Where Dat?"
Me: "No sweetheart, that is what I need to know. Where did you put dat?"
Jackson: "I want dat."
Me: "Me too Jackson. Me too."
Jackson: (now insert sound of whining and pleading) "I want dat."
Me: "Jackson, in a minute we are going to have to go to church without dat. I need to know where you put your dat. Otherwise, you are either going to church without
dat, or with a pink dat. Please go find dat."
Jackson: "Where Dat?"
Me: "I give up. Jeremy, please go get the pink dat. We have to go."

Want to see how cute he looks? This was taken after church.
We eventually found the orange dat in his toy box and life has returned to normal, and by normal I mean that I still have an almost 2 year old in love with his pink paci. Life is good!

2 random thoughts:

Miranda said...

Stop stressing about the "dat" already! Do what we did and take it away from him during the day, so that it doesn't slow down his speech or he doesn't try to "talk" through it. That's the only thing that drove my mom crazy with Gracie, is she wanted to talk with that nasty thing in her mouth.
We did it at naps and bedtime ONLY until just a few months ago, when we stopped it all together. And she's going to be three in November!
The only thing that ever concerned me was that it would slow her down speech wise. Other than that, do what works best for YOUR family! And who cares what color it is? LoL

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

My DD loved her paci and was obsessed with it until we gave it to Santa for the baby reindeer this past Christmas. She was 3 1/2!!!! She talks fine! So don't worry. Let him be a baby while he can. :)

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