Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Primary season is over....and I'm nauseous

Well, well, well. It looks like I'm pretty good on predicting Presidential politics. Unfortunately, over the past few months, I have kinda changed my mind Mrs. Clinton. She now seems like the lesser of two evils between her and Obama. I'm seriously sick to my stomach with the thought of him being our President.

For now I am going to forget that he has a Muslim background and Muslim last name. We won't cover that right now because it's simply too obvious. For one thing, he is a SOCIALIST!!! Hello people....does anyone out there understand that. He is for big government, raising taxes, and making people like you and me pay for health care for people who are totally capable of getting a job, but choose not to. I wish that I could choose not to work, but unfortunately for me, I like having money, even if I don't have a lot of it. Now I will have less money because my already small paycheck is going to have my taxes raised even more to pay for universal health care. The irony of that, is that insurance for my entire family is part of my package with my job. I don't pay a dime for my insurance, but my copay is $45 for doctor visits. So (if his plan passes) I now get to help pay for insurance for people who choose not to work. Nice. Really Nice....

He also wants us to pull out of Iraq and leave it a mess. That's gonna work for keeping the terrorists out of the U.S. Let's just leave them in charge and see how fast we get a nuclear bomb heading our way. Brilliant!

I'll give you one thing for him. He is a great speaker: very charismatic and engaging, and boy, could he sell ice to an Eskimo. He's good....but if you really listen to him, he doesn't offer any real ideas, he just continues to sell his plan for, "Change We Can Believe In." He basically points out everything that is wrong with America, conveniently forgetting that as a Senator, he had power to make A LOT of changes, but that wouldn't help his campaign. He had to sell all the "Bad" points on America and Bush.

Newsflash: The useless Congress that we have in place is responsible for the laws that we have. The President can't do ANYTHING if Congress doesn't work with him on changing things. So Obama and Clinton had a lot to gain by not working with Bush to make things better for you and me. Keep that in mind when you go vote!

Oh, and the only solution to lowering gas prices is to drill the fire out of Alaska and Texas. Did you know that 92% of America is protected against drilling. That is ridiculous. Just because a Democrat gets elected does not mean that prices at the pump are going to drop overnight. It's not gonna happen!!!

That's enough politics for me now. I think my blood pressure has gone up. I'll see ya'll later with one more post later this afternoon. Have a great morning!

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The Sapersteins said...

ive been thinking every thought you just wrote, but cant quite find the words to say it the way you did! love it!

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