Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Queen of the Cartel

So my Mom has lovingly been dubbed the Queen of the VBS Decorating Cartel around our house. She is rather famous for her skills in the VBS department of our church. In fact, just last night I had the Mom of a little girl, Katie, who has an older sister named Emma come up to me. Emma is in my Mom's class, and Katie is in Kellyn and my class. She said that Katie went up to Emma and said that she got "The Sister's" as her teachers! Isn't that funny. So Emma quickly pointed out that she got "The Mom" and Katie got "The Sister's." We're not quite as good as my Mom, but I guess we will do until they hit 6th grade!!! Here are some pictures of the Queen's room. Hope you enjoy!
JESUS surfboards outside the class
Tiki hut entrance

Don't "Blow" It: Admit to God that you are a Sinner

You "Betta" Believe that Jesus is God's Son

No "Clowning" around: Commit your life to Jesus

6th grade "Big Fish" sign

Jesus is the only way!

Jellyfish on the wall

Underwater Wall

Big Pink Octopus. But it really doesn't need much explanation...

Did you know that God has a "Porpoise" for you??? He really does!!!

Oyster's Anyone???

Hannah and Emma modeling the ABC wall
Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

2 random thoughts:

The Sapersteins said...

Those are great looking rooms! You guys are really doing great there! Looks like the kids are having fun in those rooms:)

Southern Fried Mom said...

I think I might kind of have a crush on your mom! Wow! I know what you mean about VBS. I love & hate it at the same time. This year I'll also be wrangling my sister's two children for the week of fun.

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