Monday, August 25, 2008

Live from Gulf Shores, AL

Hey ya'll. We are down here at the beach, and it seems that although Fay has made an appearance, she isn't set to ruin our entire vacation. This is Jackson's first beach trip, and let me just tell you that he loves it! He wasn't so sure about the waves, which are HUGE right now, but he had a blast playing in the sand. I tried to load some pictures, but my camera doesn't seem to want to cooperate right now, so I will have to upload pictures later.

We had intended to leave for the beach around 8:00 this morning, but that was simply not meant to be. Our morning began with us spending about 20 minutes in the closet with the weather radio going off because remnants of Fay were going through our area again. We ended up leaving around 10:00 after all the bad weather had passed through the state, and the trip itself was rather uneventful. We ate a late lunch at Lambert's (the home of the throwed rolls) and then we headed on into our condo.

We had a blast playing with Jackson this afternoon, and then after we got back inside, Jackson literally crashed he was so tired! We ate supper and then we headed back out for an after dinner walk. We walked a good way and then were about halfway back when it started to sprinkle on us. I started running back because I had my camera with me, and by the time we made it back to our room, the bottom fell out. The sky was black and you couldn't see for the rain.

We are now settling down for the night, and although we are predicted to get an inch and a half of rain tomorrow, we know that we will still have a good time. I will keep you posted! Have a great week!

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Miranda said...

I'm glad you guys made it there safely, Fay or not. I miss you already! I'm not looking forward to Wednesday night supper without you.
What did Jackson think of Lambert's? Gracie loved "catching" the rolls they tossed to her.

Hope the rain doesn't stick around too long!

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