Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who does she think she is?

I would like to officially tell Tropical Storm Fay that she is not welcome on our beach vacation next week. She seems to have rudely invited herself along for the entire stinking time we will be at the beach. Would you like to see the forecast for our Monday through Thursday vacation? Did anyone else notice the irony that the day after we leave it is predicted to be perfect partly cloudy, high of 85 degree day? Hmm. Ironic? I think not.
This my friends is just my luck. I call it my Murphy's law of taking a vacation with me. It seriously wouldn't of mattered had I planned this trip for the middle of February, June, or December. A tropical storm or hurricane was going to follow me. I just sensed it.

So FYI Fay, you are not welcome! I would highly appreciate it if you would just Go Away Fay!!!

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