Friday, September 26, 2008

Uno, dos, and now we have TRES...

I told you a few days ago that Jackson has been a pill lately. Well, maybe I didn't tell you, but I sure thought it a bunch. My sweet little boy has just not been himself lately at all. He has been fussy, whiney, clingy, and basically just disagreeable.

I took him back to the doctor yesterday to get him checked out. I figured it was either one of two things:

  1. He was legitimately sick with something and doesn't feel good which would explain everything listed above. OR
  2. He is just 2 and I have a rough year ahead of me.
Any guesses? If you picked choice number 1 you may now pass go and collect $200 dollars.

Diagnosis....Jackson has ANOTHER major double ear infection. This would be the third ear infection this month. So once again we are on yet ANOTHER antiobiotic which very well may start ANOTHER yeast infection from all the medicine. In 15 days we have to make ANOTHER trip to the ENT and pay ANOTHER $45 copay for ANOTHER consultation before he will be given ANOTHER set of tubes.

If you are keeping count here, this will be his 3rd set of tubes in a year and half, and his second set since March.

May God have mercy on our checkbook....and Jackson's ears for that matter.

In other news, Jackson has been selected as the "Adorable Baby of the Week" for Check out his picture and bio here and make sure to leave him some comment love on their site. That's all for now.

I hope ya'll have a great weekend!!!

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