Monday, February 16, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Jackson is one of those kids that just loves his paci. We lovingly call it "dat" around our house. For the last 6 months or so, our precious son has walked around with a pink dat, much to our chagrin. Now I swore that when Jackson turned a year old that we were going to take his paci away. Then I said we would take it away when he turned 2. Now, he is 2 1/2, and it's time for it to go! Luckily, he is not one of those kids that has it in his mouth all the time, but quite simply, I'm tired of fooling with it.

The process has begun...

It all started quite accidently yesterday on our way to church. I packed his bag and completely forgot to put his paci in. He didn't notice until we were on our way home from church and then he asked about it. I told him that we would have to find it when we got home. When we got home I helped him look for it, secretly hoping that I would be able to find it first and hide it. I got my wish. I spotted it on the bathroom counter and slid it under some stuff so he wouldn't see it. It was really pushing nap time, so I just told him that we would keep looking for it after nap. It took awhile for him to fall asleep, but after a few minutes, he was out.

When he woke up he asked for it, and I just kept pretending that I didn't know where it was, and then distracted him with an ice cream sandwich for snack. He did say that "Daddy probably just put it somewhere. He can find it." I just played it off, and he didn't ask for his paci again until much later in the evening when we were on our way home from visiting my grandmother in the nursing home. He said:

Me: "Jackson, we don't where it is. You probably put it somewhere."
Jackson: "I didn't put it anywhere!"

I think he's on to us...

Bed-time was a little hairy, but eventually he fell asleep only to wake up again at 12:00. And 2:00. And 2:30. This time with a fever.

Jeremy was thisclose to giving in and giving him the paci when he started crying, but I convinced him to let us keep pushing through. I knew it wasn't going to be easy or fun, but this is something that we just have to do.

So far, we have pushed the 24 hour mark of being paci free. Jeremy has Jackson at the doctor right now, but he went paci free. This is a HUGE step for us. I'm hoping the worse is over, but I know that that could be wishful thinking.

So, I have a fun little poll going up about whether or not you think we are done with the paci. I can't wait to see how much confidence y'all have in us! Have a great Monday!

P.S. I'm also totally willing to accept hints, tips, or tricks to make this transition easier!

6 random thoughts:

Jenny said...

Hey Amy! I just wanted to say that I KNOW you can do this!! We weren't fortunate enough to have pacis, my girls sucked their thumbs and never would take a paci. In our case, once they got through the first couple of nights it was smooth sailing. Hang in there!! Btw, how is Macy?

nottryingforaboy said...

With my oldest two, we phased it out by only allowing it in the crib and car at first. Then it was only the crib and then not at all.

With TheYoungest, I think we are going to be in for the long haul just because of everything she's been through lately. I may end up doing what you did when she's that age!

The Jones' said...

I think you have made it through the worst part...unless this illness makes you have to backtrack. If at all possible I say stick to it. Yall are doing great! Cannot believe he would have to get sick right when you "lost" the "dat"

Rachel said...

Yikes. Good job!
I've got to start this soon.
I tried to 2 weeks ago, but my hubby said, "Don't you think it's a bit SUDDEN?"
Umm. . . I'm not sure how to soften into that. . .
Anyway, she just gets it for bedtime, but I'm so afraid it will interfere with naps. . .
Keeping my fingers crossed!

Kellyn said...

I think its time...but i think he is a wee bit persistent. not sure who he gets that from...i voted in favor of jackson...but that might shift the forces to you out of shear stubbornness! i love you!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Have you ever heard of the Paci Fairy? She comes and takes the all of the pacis one night to give to young babies who need them. :)

But take my hint with a grain of salt... I've seen it work MANY times, BUT the Tongginator never took a pacifier. She smells her Doggy instead. And no, I don't know why... LOL.

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