Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Choosing Our Battles

I think we have officially hit the stage where Jackson has found his favorite outfit, and refuses to wear anything else. It started on Monday morning when Jackson insisted on wearing his blue jeans and "King of the Playground" shirt to school. I didn't even know that he remembered this shirt, and to show how loved these jeans are, they have a huge hole in the knee of them, and he refuses to wear any other pants. I'm very close to just putting a sign on his back that says, "I dressed myself" and call it a day. Anyways, Monday morning we were crunched for time and couldn't find the shirt. He We finally found the shirt and got him into it and sent him off to school.

Yesterday he wore the jeans again. Luckily I had done laundry on Monday night so they were clean.

Guess what he wore to school today?

3 days of school and 3 days of the exact.same.jeans.
3 days of school and 2 days of the exact.same.shirt.

I promise he's not neglected. At least the clothing is clean and his outfit of choice isn't a Spiderman Halloween costume like the kid I saw last week in Wal-Mart. I do draw the line somewhere.

5 random thoughts:

Nana said...

Amy, ask Jackson if he and Nana need to have a talk. You are absolutely correct in picking your battles ... this, too, will pass. But please don't let him wear this on Easter!!

AmyKnight said...

Sweet boy. What are we going to do with him. I miss him so.

Miranda said...

I'm considering calling child services myself to have you reported for his clothing choices and because you seem to be on something you call "cold" medicine that apparently makes you very loopy. I'm only looking out for Jackson.

Seriously, I agree with Nana - picking your battles is the way to go. No need to stress, at least just make sure the clothes are clean. ")

Kay said...

Yep..that's lookin' on the bright side! At least it's not Spiderman.

Kellyn said...

It could be worse...its could be a pink tutu! But, as mom said, please don't let him wear it on Easter!

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