Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pictures

Hey everyone. We had a great Easter weekend. Jackson has almost eaten his weight in candy! Enjoy the pictures! Jackson hunting for Easter eggs at church.

He decided to play on the swing set after he was done!

Dying Easter Eggs. It wasn't as much of a disaster as I thought it might be!

He loved it!

Jackson's Easter Basket complete with a new monster truck!

Nana, Tata, and Jackson

Me and Jackson

KK, Uncle Jason, and Jackson

Check out his new Sperry's. He looked such such a handsome little guy!

Blowing Bubbles

Such a cutie!

Hunting eggs again

Egg Carnage: Check out those cracks!

I think about 2 eggs out of 30 made it through the "hunting" process. Jackson kept tossing them into his basket, and one time even smashed a bug with one of the eggs!

He finally decided that his wheel-barrow was much better for carrying the eggs around!

Sand box time!
My sweet sister Kellyn (aka KK) and me!

3 random thoughts:

AmyKnight said...

Precious pictures, wish we could have shared in the day! Hate Papa couldn't be the Easter Bunny for him... Make sure Jeremy tells you the story. Love ya.

Mom said...

What wonderful pictures. A good time was had by all. It was such a beautiful Easter holiday.

Kellyn said...

I'm almost as tall as you when you where flip flops and I have on high heels!! The pictures are great! He is such a cute little man...

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