Friday, April 03, 2009

I've Got "The Right Stuff"

Guess what I just got? You’ll never guess. I just bought 2 tickets to go see New Kids on the Block. Jeremy’s gonna love it!

Just kidding.

My sister Kellyn and I are going to see them at the end of May. I’m so stinking excited. I went to three New Kids concerts way back in the day, and so I’m really excited about seeing them again. It’s been long enough!

Let’s all admit that they’ve done okay in the looks department since passing puberty, even Danny who I didn’t hold out much hope for.
Any children of the 80’s out there that want to leave me a comment and admit to who their favorite New Kid was?I loved Jordan Knight. And Joey. You can also leave me some bloggy love if you want to share about a NKOTB concert you attended, or if *gasp* you got to meet them. I'd be so jealous!
Have a great weekend!

5 random thoughts:

The Escue's said...

You are going to love it. I went to see them in Atlanta in October and I have tickets to see them in B'ham as well. I HAVE to see them again. :)

Kellyn said...

I love the new look, and mine were Jordan and Joey as well...:)

The Jones' said...

Love them even still and totally love the new look!!!!

Jenny said...

I was totally in love with Joey! Oh how I miss those days! You and Kellyn are going to have so much fun!

Oh, and I love your new blog look!

Mom said...

Oh the memories ... and all those screaming little girls ... now big girls!!! It was a blast!!!!

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