Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Jackson and his Green Thumb

These are some pictures from this weekend. Jackson was interested in planting his garden for about 2 minutes, but has since taken quite a liking to going outside to look at his little garden. Enjoy!

Jackson thinking that at the time, a rubber mallet was much more interesting than a shovel!

Jackson digging a hole. We found a worm and Jackson did NOT want to touch it!

The boy loves dirt!

I'm over this gardening business!

Our little supervisor!

Papa and Jackson going for a ride.

Jackson was pretending to be a dog and started licking the carpet. Gross! He thought it was hilarious!

Isn't he such a handsome little man!

Macy wondering what has happend to her sweet little life...

Such a ham!

2 random thoughts:

Mom said...

This is why being a grandparent is so wonderful. Life is so innocent. Jackson always makes me smile. I just love him so so much. My baby girl, that's you, and Jeremy are such great parents. My heart overflows! I am so blessed to have such a beautiful family. God is so good!

Kellyn said...

Wait a minute...I thought I was the baby girl! Have I been displaced again without notice?

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