Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Help Yourself....

We have Wednesday night suppers at church. It makes my life so much easier that for a measly $4.00 I can eat like a queen on delicious meals while enjoying the fellowship of being at church.

I'm not being sarcastic. It really does make my life easier.

Last night Jeremy couldn't make it to church so I got his meal to go. He got a hamburger, hot dog, baked beans and chips for $4.00. Can you believe it? Fast forward to church being over. I got the 4 girls that I pick up and Jackson into my van and we headed home. About halfway to the girls apartment complex, I hear Jackson pipe up with, "This hot dog is really good!"

Say what?

Jackson had gotten the to-go box off the center console of the van, opened it up, and was proceeding to chow-down on Jeremy's supper!

After I was able to stop laughing, I got the box out of his hands although I did let him finish the hot dog. After I dropped the girls off I called Jeremy and told him that I had his supper and was on the way home. He asked what I had gotten for him and I felt terrible when I had to say, "Well, you HAD a hamburger, hot dog, baked beans, and chips until Jackson got a hold of your box."

When we got home Jackson got such a kick out of telling his Daddy that he ate his hot dog, and we both had to laugh at his antics, because seriously, who could be mad at this face?

3 random thoughts:

Mom said...

That is so hilarious! I can't wait for Jackson to tell Nana that story. I can just hear him now ... "I ate Daddy's hot dog!"

Jeremy Wade said...

Are we not feeding this boy enough? J/K

Rachel said...

Too funny! It's amazing how good they can be at getting food, isn't it? Ali found the bowl of easter eggs with candy in them while I was on the phone the other day. Unfortunately for her, she's all about studying and lining up her food before eating it, so when I found her, she had opened them all, gotten all the candy out and lined it up, but only had eaten one. Poor thing. . .sometimes it just doesn't pay to be organized.

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