Thursday, April 02, 2009

Apparently It's Not a Show Tunes Kind of Morning...

The weather this morning was yuck. It's foggy, very overcast, and is supposed to rain most of the day. It's not looking like a good weather day at all, which is why my conversation with Jackson on the way to school made me laugh.

Jackson: "It's not a pretty day today."
Me: "No, it's a yucky day today."
Jackson: "Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow."

Now this was the point when I began to belt out the song, "Tomorrow" from Annie*. The humor was totally lost on Jackson. It may have had something to do with his tone-deaf, couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, Mom attempting a very well-known show tune from the mother's childhood at 7:00 in the morning at the top of her lungs, but whatever the reason, Jackson wasn't impressed.

In fact, I think he told me to stop singing.

Maybe "tomorrow" he'll like the song a little better, cause you know that no matter what, tomorrow is "always a day away!"

*Admit it: You totally started singing the song to yourself didn't you. I knew it! You just couldn't help yourself :)

I also want to give a bloggy shout out to my friend, Miranda, who found out yesterday (on April Fools Day of all days) that she is going to have a baby boy in August. I'm so excited for Miranda, her husband Bryan, and their adorable daughter Gracie! Boys are wonderful, and I know he is going to give her a run for her money! I can't wait for her adventures to begin!

2 random thoughts:

Gabrielle said...

I totally started singing!! Awesome story, I love one's like that best of all. My four kids always keep me entertained.

Rachel said...

Too cute. Maybe some kid wrote the words to that song. :) And are you sure your friend wasn't faking her pregnancy like you and I were?? ;)

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