Monday, June 15, 2009

The Georgia Aquarium

So we did it! After a week of VBS, and cleaning up our room, we were out of the house the next morning at 5:40 to head to GA to visit the aquarium. It was a fun outing, and perfect for a day trip. Jackson really loved it, and he told us on the way home (without prompting), "I had a good time Mommy and Daddy." He especially loved the scuba divers and seeing Dori in person. If I had to do it over again (and I'm sure we will eventually) I would do a few things differently.

1. Next time we would go on a weekday and not a weekend, especially in the summer when it is hot as Hades outside and everyone is trying to do something fun indoors in the South where it was humid as all get out. There were about eleventy thousand people there, and trying to navigate an umbrella stroller through the crowds was especially fun.

2. Next time we would skip the 4D movie especially considering that Jackson lost it when it when the fish jumped on the screen and we got sprayed with water. Not so good for a first movie theater experience for a 2 1/2 year old!

3. I would perhaps decide to print return directions to help us get out of Atlanta!

Enjoy the pictures!

I loved the jellyfish!

The exhibits were amazing! So simple and yet so pretty!

The other side of the tunnel exhibit

Jackson was very quick to spot "Dori" from Nemo. He loved her!

Um, Jackson sweetie, the fish are the other way!

What is he looking at?

Oh, the scuba diver who was so kind to wave at our very excited child! Jackson loved the scuba divers so much that we couldn't leave the gift shop before we bought this scuba diver tub toy! He will tell you his favorite thing at the aquarium were the scuba divers!

Isn't he a cutie!

A sawfish swimming over us in the tunnel. There was so much to see that you almost didn't know where to look!

Jeremy and Jackson
Jackson and I

The sharks were cool, and Jackson liked them once he figured out that he didn't have to touch them!

Jeremy's favorite things were the Beluga whales. They were having such a good time!

Jackson checking out the otter exhibit

Captain Jack

In the kiddie play area and he was in heaven! Forget the fish, there's a playground in here!

If you haven't had the chance to visit, we would recommend heading to the Georgia Aquarium. It was lots of fun, and who knows, we may have a future scuba diver on our hands because of this trip!

2 random thoughts:

Graham Shenanigans said...

It doesn't look as crowded as when we went a few months back. It was so crowded in there you couldn't see (okay I couldn't see) over the other people's heads. Was there even an exhibit in there? It was pretty frustrating. I agree, go on a week day! Like in the middle of the school year or something.

Rachel said...

That's awesome! we were just talking about taking Ali there. . .

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