Monday, June 22, 2009

Super Mommy's Best of Intentions Take a Fall for the Worst

Since Jackson was a baby we saved our Pampers Gifts to Grow points whenever we would buy diapers. We had redeemed a few points, and now that he isn't wearing diapers anymore I was afraid that the other 200+ points we had were going to go to waste.

Then I saw that Pampers had posted new rewards online and I redeemed some of his points for a $20 Build-A-Bear gift card because I'm such a nice Mom like that.

I could have gotten a $25 Applebee's gift card and I'm kicking myself for not getting it now.

We got the gift card in the mail a week ago and I decided that Saturday morning Jackson and I would head over to the mall and have a nice Super Mommy/Son bonding experience and go make an animal together.

We were both very excited and headed off the mall after getting our grocery shopping done early in the morning.

We had a little talk before walking in about how he needed to be on his best behavior while we were out.

The talk was quickly forgotten.

Jackson was like heck on wheels running through Build-A-Bear. It's hard to keep up with a preschooler who's acting slightly possessed wild in public when you are by yourself and are trying to create a stupid birth certificate for an animal that you know just "brought to life", knowing full well that the birth certificate is going in the trash as soon as you get home.

Wanna see who we brought home with us?

His name is "Colby the Koala Bear"

Because every tiger secretly desires to be a koala bear.

Moving on....

After we got done making Colby the koala bear tiger, Jackson spotted the Chick-Fil-A in the food court, and even though it was now only 10:20 in the morning, he decided he was ready for lunch, and for the love if it would help him behave, then I was all for it.

So we ordered lunch.

And we ate.

And he was good.

And then once again I made a bad decision on this ever-so-fateful morning.

I decided to swap his toy for an ice cream at 10:30 in the morning.

Had I not done that, we would have been long gone before it happened.

Jackson was eating his ice cream, and behaving, and as he finished up the last bite, he was sort of leaning on the table with his weight on his hands when his right hand slipped off the edge of the table.

And Super Mommy saw it happening in slooooowwwww moooottttiiiiiiioooooooonnnnn.

Jackson fell off his chair and slammed his right cheek into the incredibly hard tile floor of the food court.

Let the screaming begin!!!

I quickly scooped him up and after checking him over and calming him down, he seemed fine and he wanted to go see the ice skaters again.

I'm thinking everything is okay and Super Mommy has redeemed the day, we decide to head home.

I happen to call Kellyn on the way home and since she is an OT which is kinda like a Dr, I told her the story and she said just to make sure that he doesn't start acting sleepy or weird. I said I would keep an eye on him and we hang up.

Then I turn around (while driving) and see that Jackson is OUT like a light in his car seat and no amount of hollering would wake him up.

I immediately called the pediatrician and left a message, called Kellyn back and then called Jeremy. I got the word from the nurse on call to take Jackson to the ER to get him checked out since I still can't get him to wake up.

And I'm still driving...

So I get to the ER and Kellyn is waiting on us and as soon as she unbuckles him from his car seat he wakes up and proceeds to talk to Kellyn like nothing was ever wrong.

Now I'm questioning whether I've jumped the gun on this ER visit, but since the nurse told me to take him there, I'm going to get him checked out.

Then I start hoping that the nurses and doctors believe what happened and don't start assuming that I'm making it up.

I think I've watched too many Lifetime movies.

Jeremy got there after a few minutes and after seeing Jackson in action, he immediately asks, "Are you sure he needed to come to the ER?"


After checking him out, the Dr. said that I did the right thing by bringing him in (I asked him if I could get that in writing!) and then he ordered a CT Scan to make sure Jackson's head was okay, which little man was not fond of, but he did great.

Diagnosis: He was fine. We had to watch him for signs of concussion, and that was it.

We were in and out of the ER in an hour.

Is it ironic that using a free $20 gift card to Build-A-Bear turned into handing over a $250 Emergency Room copay?

Go figure....

We should have just gotten the Applebee's gift card.

4 random thoughts:

AmyKnight said...

And how many years did that take off your life? We are so glad that he is ok. Love and miss you.

The Jones' said...

Okay, aren't you supposed to stay away from Chick Fil A? Haven't bad things happened to you there before? I am so glad he is okay. I hate that panic-don't-know-what-in-the-world-to-do-feeling. Especially when you are by yourself.

Holly @ The Centsible Shopper said...

Well, I found you by way of Alabama Blogger and I am laughing so hard that I can hardly type. You have know idea how well I know that story! Infact, I could have written it myself. Bless your heart.

Rachel said...

LOL!! That cracked me up. I totally get that. Especially since I had THREE ER visits myself last year. After every one of them I was kicking myself for one reason or another.

Oh - and I've been saving our Pamper's points, and every time I get to the level where I can redeem, them, that particular gift becomes "no longer available". ARGH!! Hopefully soon. . .

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