Friday, July 31, 2009

Worms in Your Belly

Jackson has developed a penchant for drinking bathwater out of his tub toys and it grosses me out beyond belief. In a moment of sheer desperation the other night, I told him that drinking bathwater will make you get worms in your belly.

He was less than thrilled about that.

He wanted to know if there were worms in his belly right then, so I put my ear to his tummy and listened for a second. I assured him that he didn’t have worms in his belly, and that he was fine, but that he could get them from drinking bathwater.

A few minutes later when I was drying him off, he put his ear to my tummy and said, “Uh-oh Mommy! I listened to your tummy and you have snails in your belly!”

Maybe that’s why I feel so sluggish…

So now between a shark in the living room, and worms in his belly, I feel sure that his future therapist will have plenty to work with!

1 random thoughts:

Kellyn said...

You took way to many lessons away from Grandpa as a kid...remember how traumatized you were when you ate the seeds out the watermelon and Grandpa told you that a watermelon plant was going to grow out of you? Or if you took the crust off the bread the bread would fall apart, so you would eat the entire piece of bread? Trauma...guess you are giving Jason future work though, so keep it up, Sis!

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