Monday, May 20, 2013

Party Planning Without Pinterest

I normally go nuts when it's time for my kid's birthday parties, and get all into the planning. All of their birthday parties have themes, and I usually go all out in keeping with that theme. For example:
  1. Jackson's first birthday: Airplane, Police Car and Firetruck
  2. Jackson's second birthday: Construction
  3. Jackson's third birthday: Monkeys
  4. Jackson's fourth birthday: Pirates
  5. Jackson's fifth birthday: Phineas and Ferb
  6. Jackson's sixth birthday: Olympics (which apparently I never blogged about it, but it was good!)
  7. Anderson's first birthday: Golf themed (Hole-in-one Birdie Partee)
And this year I've settled on a frog theme for Anderson's second birthday, but I'm doing an about face on the whole party planning front. Birthday party planning has gotten out of hand, and it seems like the parties keep having to get bigger and bigger. I've reached the point where less is more, and I'm cutting the strings on my former pinterest inspired parties. This year, our "frog theme" is extending to invitations, cake and Anderson's outfit. We are having the party at the YMCA where they set up, serve and clean up the party, and all we have to do is show up, party, play, pay and go home! It's going to be a old-school party, and all we are probably serving is cake, ice cream and drinks. I'm probably going to ask that the paper products be green, but I'm cutting myself some slack this year on going all out. Anderson will never know the difference and spending a fortune on a party he won't remember just isn't worth it.

In these days of pinterest inspired shindigs, I'm considering myself revolutionary. This party will be life least for me and my stress level!

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