Thursday, June 27, 2013

Random Thursday Thoughts

  • Jackson: "I'm feeling a little gassy right now, but I'm trying to hold it in." Me: "I appreciate that more than you will ever know."
  • You know you've been playing Candy Crush too much when you see 4 cars of the same color in a row driving down the road, and all you can think about is that they should be swapped for a striped candy.
  • Speaking of Candy Crush, that growing chocolate stuff is driving me insane.
  • We have a new Jack's restaurant in town. I dropped by last night for a quick supper when I was on my way home from the pool, and they made me a ham biscuit off the breakfast menu without a moment of hesitation because they are awesome like that. Talk about customer service!
  • Anderson goes for his 2 year check up today. Little man has no clue about the shots that are in his near future. I'm anxious about what his doctor will think about his lack of speech. We have already decided (with his speech therapist) to increase his therapy to twice a month starting in August. We all agree that Anderson is just being stubborn, but his lack of progress is really starting to bother me.
  • I've got our advanced dining reservations made for our Disney trip, and our countdown is moving along just swimmingly. Jackson still doesn't know, and I'm uber pleased with myself for being able to keep a secret for so long.
  • I returned to the lap pool last night for the first time in 10 years, and managed to pull off swimming 1,000 yards. My lungs were killing me, but man oh man, it felt good!
That's all for today! Y'all have a great Thursday!

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