Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adventures in Parenting

So I'm doing the solo parenting thing for a few days while Jeremy is spending some more time with his family. Just being on my own and having to do everything has given much such an appreciation for what single parents do on a daily basis. It's exhausting!!

Here's how yesterday went:

6:00 Wake-up, get ready, Jeremy gets Jackson ready.
6:50 Say goodbye to Jeremy, stand outside waiting for the school bus to drive by our house.
7:00 Drop Jackson off at school.
7:30 Get to work and begin working like an banshee for a huge conference this weekend.
9:45 Break time (not a minute too soon!)
10:00 Back to work
12:30 Lunch-time (once again, not a minute too soon!)
1:30 Back to work
2:45 Break time
4:30 Head home
5:00 Pick Jackson up
5:01 Get the best hug ever from my little man!
5:10 Get home, check mail, change clothes.
5:15 Start supper
5:16 Jackson goes outside and plays in the backyard.
5:17 Jackson asks me to go outside and play. I explained that I'm cooking supper and I'll be outside in a minute.
5:18 I open up my bedroom and throw some clean clothes onto my bed to hide them.
5:19 Jackson asks me again to go outside and play.
5:20 I give in and play outside for a few minutes
5:30 Finish getting supper ready and on the plates
5:40 Eat supper
5:50 Clean up supper
6:00 Freshen make-up
6:10 My Dad gets to my house to watch Jackson
6:15 I head to church for a meeting.
6:30 Nominating committee meeting at church.
8:15 Finally finish meeting
8:30 Get home. This is normally when Jackson goes to bed, but instead we are beginning bath time. Dad heads out.
8:45 Jackson is finished with his bath, and we get his "must have" snack and milk.
9:00 Jackson finally is in bed. My bed. It wasn't even worth the battle.
9:01 Jackson starts flipping around my bed playing. Clearly, I'm not amused.
9:02 Jackson "gets" that I'm not playing anymore. He calms down.
9:05 I head to the kitchen to go clean up the dishes. I loathe this job.
9:15 I'm finally finished and go to the bedroom to get ready for bed.
9:20 I'm finally laying down.
9:21 Jackson tells me that he wants to cuddle. Of course I oblige. I live for this stuff!
9:22 Jackson (in true boy fashion) poots the loudest, smelliest poot on me.
9:23 We both get to cracking up laughing because I've started calling Jackson "my little rooter tooter pooter"
9:25 Jackson finally settles down and starts yawning.
9:30 Success!!! The kiddo is asleep.
10:00 I finally call it day and don't even stay awake until Leno. I'm exhausted!!

A few observations: I have too much on my plate, and clearly, I rely on Jeremy a lot more than I give him credit for! I can't wait for him to get home.

P.S. Today is the 10 year anniversary of when Jeremy and I started dating. Isn't that crazy! I can't believe that ten years has already gone by, but I can truly say that even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I'm still crazy about him!

2 random thoughts:

The Jones' said...

I COMPLETELY feel your pain. When David is traveling for work or even when he just works 8 to 8 I realize what a huge help he is. One more word....just wait til baby #2 is here.....our world has been rocked!! In great and wonderful ways but I am still adjusting. I have no idea how parents have 3,4, or more kiddos. Let alone the single moms and dads. Okay, just had to get that out there. : ) Glad Jeremy's dad is doing okay. I know how scary that is. We will keep all of you in our prayers.

Rachel said...

Yikes. Chris has only been gone overnight once since we had Ali, and maybe three times in the 8 yrs we've been married. I can't stand it!!! I feel for you!!

We will have our 10 year dating anniversary this year too!

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