Tuesday, June 09, 2009

All Aboard the Boomerang Express!

So here are the pictures of Kellyn and my 3rd and 4th grade VBS room. It took just about forever, but we are really pleased with the results. Enjoy!

Our kangaroos and boab tree

Olga's Rock and our train

"Admit, Believe, and Confess" pond complete with a crocodile, frogs, and lily pads.

Our koala in a tree

Upclose of the pond

The hard boab tree

The locomotive

Passenger car


Olga's Rock (which you may remember that I didn't think was quite big enough)

Jumping Kangaroo

Kangaroo and her joey

Another boab tree

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And these are pictures of my Mom's room (aka the Queen of the VBS Cartel). Her room is based on the theme of a Sheep Ranch and looks amazing!

Jackson posing on the wooden porch of the ranch house which is so big it had to be built inside their room.

Her sheep


Wild horses and Bible themes for the week

The full porch

If you "Wallabee" a Christian wall (and I love what the sheep is saying)

Mom's boab tree and koala

I know we're crazy, but we love VBS so much that as soon as the 2010 theme is announced, I'm sure we'll start floating ideas around our heads, cause we're just suckers like that! I hope ya'll have a great day!

5 random thoughts:

Rachel said...

That's amazing!! Can I come? :)

Alicia W. said...

WOW! That is amazing!! Great job.

Kasey said...

Love the decorations. I was searching on the internet for ideas when I came across your blog. Love it. I, too, am from the south and love grits, yet we have to put cheese in them when we fry fish LOL! Once again, awesome decorations.

Janet Lea said...

Yall did a fabulous job! We are doing the same VBS next week and I have the 3 year olds!!

kbmama said...

Hi my VBS partner found your blog as she was looking for ideas for our "All Aboard..." VBS coming up in August. Your room and your Mom's room look AWESOME!!!! Thank you for sharing!

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