Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Only In Wade's World

I think we have pretty much established that I have a very accident prone husband. If something can happen to him, it always does. Remember the cut that required stitches? Or the broken elbow that happened on Jackson's birthday? Or the dislocated knee that happened a week before our cruise?

Today's our 8th anniversary. Wanna know what's going on now?

Last night Jeremy decided to take my huge Rubbermaid container of Christmas stuff back up into the attic despite the fact that I told him not to worry about and that we would get to it later. No, Jeremy had to take the container up last night. If he had just listened to me, none of this would have happened, but I'm not going to stoop low and play that card.

I was busy sitting at a tv tray finishing our Christmas cards, Jackson was busy playing in the living room floor and Jeremy had put the container up in the attic and was on his way down when a big 'ol heaping pile of Jeremy fell down the attic stairs into a lump on the floor.

Jackson and I both looked at each other and then ran over to see what had happened. I moved a wreath that had fallen on top of Jeremy in the crash and Jeremy was rolling around in the floor and Jackson was just looking at both of us like "what in the world is going on here." I may or may not have started laughing (not at Jeremy by any means, but at the whole "Icannotbelivethisishappening" side of things.

I helped Jeremy up and we quickly decide that more than likely he has a cracked rib, which unfortunately, nothing can be done for. We made a call to Amy's husband Adam who is like our resident on-call-go-to-guy for Jeremy's injuries and he confirmed that unless Jeremy was coughing up blood or having trouble breathing, that there was no reason to go to the doctor. Jeremy was not very happy at the whole situation but quickly started laughing when he and Jackson had the following conversation:

Jackson: "What happened to you Daddy?"
Jeremy: "I got hurt. I think I broke a rib?"
Jackson: "How did you get hurt?"
Jeremy: "I fell down."
Jackson: "Again?"

You see, Jackson has been witness to most of Jeremy's accidents and the whole conversation had Jeremy and I cracking up (no pun intended!). And if you ask Jeremy he will tell you that he fell down at least 6 stairs. I think it was more like 3, but it's not worth an argument.

But just wait...the story is about to get better and take on the "Only in Wade's World" twist!

As Jeremy was standing around the living room waiting for his parents to call us back so he could tell them what happened, neither of us noticed that Jackson was down in the floor busy wrapping one of Jeremy's ties pretty tightly around Jeremy's ankles.

Picture that for a second.

Now picture the phone ringing and Jeremy starting to move to answer it. With his feet still tied up.

You got it! Jeremy hit the ground like a giant from a Disney cartoon and Jackson starts wailing because he thinks that he's in major trouble for making his Daddy fall down again. I fought the temptation to just give up and sit down in the corner in the fetal position and start sucking my thumb. Instead I just took care of the boys and prayed for bedtime to come faster.

Because only in Wade's World does stuff like this happen....

And yes, Jeremy is going to the doctor today, even though he knows that nothing can be done about a cracked or broken rib. He's thorough like that. And if the Christmas cards don't get done this year it's just too bad!

8 random thoughts:

Marie said...

I'm so sorry for you and Jeremy and Jackson but thanks for making it funny for the rest of us!

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! Now THAT is some story. Hope he feels better soon enough to take down the tree and go up in the attic again after Cmas. LOL

Mom said...

When Dad told me last day (after my wet visit to Wal-Mart) that Jeremy had fallen down the stairs from the attic, I too first thought -- again. I sure hope and pray that Jeremy feels better today and heals quickly.

THe way you describe the incident ... I literally can see it now -- Jeremy in a pile with a Christmas wreath over him -- well, Merry Christmas to you. Then Jackson asking what happened ... again Daddy!

Jeremy Wade said...

Merry Christmas to all and a broken rib new year.

McCrory Family said...

Poor Jeremy. Does he have the worst luck ever or what??! But I was laughing out loud at this whole story!! Only in y'alls family... :)

Leslie said...

Never a dull moment! Mike and I are hysterically laughing at this. Sorry Jeremy, we're laughing with you, not at you. haha

Mommie Daze (Colleen) said...

Oh, my. I'm so sorry he's hurt, but that's funny! It's like a scene from some silly Christmas movie.

Rachel said...

I totally laughed out loud at the tie part - when does that EVER happen???

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