Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There's A New Girl In Town

I'm late in blogging today because there's a new girl in town.

And she's such a beauty.

With her four load sizes and 4 temperature settings...

Not to mention her 16 wash cycles, I think I've fallen in love.

My love affair may have something to do with the fact that she doesn't leak all over my floor and that she's so quiet you don't even hear her at all. Not even during the spin cycle.

But that's just a wild guess.

And I was so smitten I didn't even say goodbye to our old machine, may she rest in peace.

3 random thoughts:

Kay said...

So glad you found yourself a winner! I really like my new machines too... but I certainly cannot brag about how quiet they are. They're both pretty noisy. But I'm glad YOU found quiet ones. Score! : )

Lianne said...

She's hot. ;) LOL!

Rachel said...

Shouldn't you have MORE time for blogging, rather than less, if she's that awesome?

Not that I would impune her abilities to do all of your housework for you or anything...

She's gorgeous!

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